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Building a Gaming PC in Pakistan for beginners

Gaming, a great hobby. Pakistan has seen a rise in gaming since the launch of certain games. Most people opt for console as its relatively easy to get, and you won’t have to go through searching for parts. But for those who opt to get along the PC masterrace, have to search and hunt for the best deals.

Today I would be presenting you my favourite picks for a PC which can easily overthrow a console and a low price.

  • 20,000 (Beginner)

20K is a price that a person new to PC gaming should spend at least.

At 20K mark, we can build a solid PC that can give you 30-60 fps. For those who have a budget of 10K, I would say you opt for a XBOX 360 as it has a lot of titles that are recently released and after some modifications you can get a whole game for under 150 RS.

Our 20K PC will have:

A OEM machine. (Branded Dell or HP)

Our processor would be a Core 2 Duo e8400. This is a old processor yet very capable. It has a base clock of 3 GHZ along with 2 cores and 2 threads.

For memory we can either have 6 GBs of ram or 8. I’d say you got with 8 as it can give you smooth experience with no lag or crashing. In the storage department we can get a 320 GB or a 500 GB HDD. We can easily extend the storage later or upgrade to a ssd.

Your OEM with these specs will most likely come with a 300 watt PSU which is just right for our GPU.

This whole setup will cost about 13K

Our GPU would be..

750 TI

Ahh. The 750 TI, old but gold. It can run a lot of games smoothly and with no worries. The variant you should go for is the 2 GB one and keep one thing in mind, you have to pick the GPU used. You can find one for 7-8K

Coming to a grand total of 20-22K. Your price may vary.

..and voila! You have a machine that can easily be used for productivity and gaming, if you’re focused more on gaming, you can spend more on the GPU than the memory or processors.

  • 30,000 (Amateur)

30K is the optimal price point for a gaming PC.

This PC will have:

A workstation PC. (Dell Precision or HP Z series)

These PCs are quiet powerful out of the box. They have a powerful i5-2400, 8 gigs of ram, 500 GB or 1 TB HDD and a 400-500 watt PSU. Since we all know about the load shedding problems in Pakistan and how a sudden power surge can blow up your PSU, don’t worry cause the PSUs that come with HP and Dell PCs are bad-ass. They are powerful as hell. But be sure to check if its the original power supply, most vendors may change it with a cheaper one.

You can get this machine for about 20K

Our GPU of choice would be..

The legendary RX 560

Most people may not know about this GPU, but this is a extreme budget GPU that kicks ass. It has 4 GB of VRAM, a low price, and the performance we need. It is fairly powerful and can run most games at medium or high settings, and give you the solid, sweet 60 FPS. This baby will cost you about 10-12k

But..but.? Why didn’t you recommend this GPU for the previous build? Simple, it needs a more efficient and high wattage PSU.

  • 40,000 (Pro)

This price point gives you the bang for buck, the best performance to price ratio.

Once again we would be using a workstation OEM.

The reason I’m suggesting to buy a OEM is only because of the benefits. With a OEM, you get a CD Rom, WiFi cards, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 and much much more, you can use the same specs and get a normal casing and motherboard and fit everything into that case, but it would cost a bit more and you may loose some things. At this moment we need to get the most out of our PC.

Our workstation will be rocking a i5 4570 with 4 cores and 4 threads, along with 8 gigs of ram, 500 GB HDD or 1 TB storage, 400-500 Watt PSU.

This machine itself can cost from 22-25K

And the important part, the GPU.

Let’s say you got the machine for 23K, and you have 17K left for the GPU, Now we have a lot of options here..

  1. GTX 1050 – This card can cost you 15K, though a bit outdated, it does it’s job flawlessly.
  2. GTX 1050 Ti – The elder brother of the 1050, the 1050 Ti, is way more powerful from its brother. With just a bit of more cash, you can get this for 17-18K
  3. RX 570 – The AMD card makes her way in this list too. A powerful card offered by AMD that overthrows most of the cards. Getting this baby can set you back 15-17K

This whole machine can cost you from 40-43K

I hope this helped you, this is the ultimate guide of finding a PC that suits your budget the best. Do not hesitate to contact me for any help. Prices may vary by city and the rate of dollar.




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