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APU or GPU in Pakistan?

We all know that to game on a PC, we need a GPU, or a ‘Graphics Processing Unit’. By its name its obvious that its task is to render graphics. When we hear the term ‘CPU’, or a ‘Central Processing Unit’. Again, by its name we can tell its the component that has the task of doing… tasks! But when we hear the term ‘APU‘. We are likely to get confused.

What is a APU?

APU or ‘Accelerated Processing Unit’ is a hybrid of a CPU and a GPU. Intel also has its integrated graphics, which aren’t practically useful. Yes, they can run not-so-demanding titles and do simple 3D rendering but is there a better option?

Well yes, the rival of Intel, AMD has a series of CPUs that have powerful integrated graphics that can run heavy games, rendering work, and graphic design.

We know that AMD has its product line of Athlons and Ryzens, but the dedicated APU line is often ignored. The AMD’s ‘A-Series’ line brings us the perfect APUs which are extremely powerful and come at a low cost. People with a low budget can easily replace their old CPU in their old machine and easily replace it with the APU. Not only it reduces the cost of buying a extra power supply if you opt for a dedicated GPU, it also cuts down the cost of a new CPU that you might need to upgrade to prevent bottlenecking, and the biggest benefit of all; if you run a SSF or a USSF, you can easily replace the CPU without worrying about the physical space consumption done by a GPU.

So, should you buy a APU or a GPU?

Well, its all up to you.




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